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Pump Up The Volume?

If you’ve got your heart set on a live band for your wedding there are some things you need to consider.

There goes the neighbourhood

Most wedding venues will happily accept your non-returnable deposit without telling you that about the problems they have with neighbours complaining about the noise from bands. If this is the case you could find that the band turns up and has to play so quietly that you may as well have not bothered.
Ask the venue if this is the case and if so what measures they take.

The dreaded sound limiter

Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a live band like seeing a sound limiter on the wall behind them.

Venues generally install these when they’ve received complaints from neighbours and whilst they are not a show stopper it’s important to understand how aggressively they are set. If they are set too low they will trip the electricity to the stage as soon as the drummer hits their snare drum.

Ask the venue about this and get their assurance that live bands can play at a reasonable volume before you hand over your deposit. If unsure contact one of the bands your interested in and ask them. We are always happy to help prospective clients regardless of whether they go on to book us.

Drums = Volume

There’s no way of getting around the fact that a live band with a real drummer will be quite loud. The rest of the band has to keep up with the drummer volume wise. Some drummers use electronic drums but these sound rubbish and most drummers hate them. They lack the energy and physical dynamics of real drums so should be avoided.

So there is a basic level of volume that can’t really be adjusted and this is the minimum volume that a band can play at without really restricting their ability to deliver a great show.
If you see your chosen band play in a pub or club then that’s their normal volume and you should expect them to be able to play at that level at your event – otherwise they will lack the dynamics and their performance will suffer.
Of course there’s a happy medium and most bands will adapt to their surroundings but we can’t stress enough how important it is to check with the venue before placing your deposit.


About the Author:

MD of The Noel Fraser Band – high quality wedding/function band.
Multi-instrumentalist Guitarist/keys/vocalist
Based in Manchester UK.
Over 30 years industry experience.

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