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Trust The Professionals

It’s tempting to try to manage every aspect of your event but trust the professionals to do the job you’ve given them. Be careful selecting your band and get assurances of their professionalism and then leave them do their job. You’ll have less stress and enjoy your day much more.

You wouldn’t tell the photographer which lenses to use or how to get the right lighting so let the band do what they are paid for.

Who is the audience?

Make sure you do your research on the band and then leave the song selection up to them as much as possible. Don’t be tempted to try to write their set list for them. They are the professionals and they are the best at judging the audience and playing songs that will suit everyone and keep the dance floor full. If you want a band to play all your personal favourite songs you may be alienating some or all of your guests. A good professional band will play a variety of songs and styles that will please everyone.


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MD of The Noel Fraser Band – high quality wedding/function band.
Multi-instrumentalist Guitarist/keys/vocalist
Based in Manchester UK.
Over 30 years industry experience.

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