A deposit is required to secure the date. The remaining balance is payable in 2 further installments.

Second Installment

The second installment shall become due 60 days prior to the date of the event, unless the event date falls within 60 days of the contract date or otherwise agreed in advance by The Band .

Final Balance

The final balance shall be paid in cash to the band leader – Noel Fraser upon arrival at the event unless alternative arrangements have been agreed prior to the event.

Cancellation By The Client

Cancellation of the engagement by the client for any reason shall forfeit the deposit.
Cancellation of the engagement WITHIN 30 DAYS of the date of the engagement shall forfeit the second installment.

Cancellation By The Band

If, due to death, sudden incapacitating illness, accident or other unforseeable circumstances and/or acts of God, The Band is unable to perform as contracted, every effort will be made by The Band (if so notified and if time and circumstances permit) to provide a substitute act (subject to approval by The Client) to perform in place of the cancelling act, at the same fee & terms. If no acceptable substitute act can be found, The Band agree to refund the deposit and any and all payments made by the client within 60 days of the event date.
Upon such refund,this contract shall become null & void and the client shall have no further legal recourse against the band.

Band Personnel

The band leader reserves the right to change individual band members without notifying the client.


If The Band is late starting due to unavoidable delay such as traffic congestion, or poor weather the client has the option to extend the event by the amount of time suffered by the delay.


We are a professional band and all of our equipment is housed in high quality wheeled flight cases. If the performance is not on the ground floor an elevator with suitable capacity should be made available. If no elevator is available it is the responsibility¬†of the client to provide a “lifting crew” to help the band get their equipment to the performance area.

Marquee Performances

If the performance is to take place outdoors in a marquee it is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the venue provides a hard permanent or temporary pathway between the place of unloading and the performance area. Our equipment cannot be rolled or carried over non paved areas that span more than 5 feet. Any power must be linked to a circuit breaker to eliminate the risk of electrocution.

Performance Area

It is the responsibility of The Client to ensure that the venue is able to provide adequate space for The Band to perform in and that the space provided is suitable for the performance.
Any constraints placed on the band and their ability to perform to the best of their abilities due to inadequate space, power, noise limiters and smoke detectors shall not render the band liable.


It is the responsibility of The Client to provide refreshments and food for the band during their time at the event.

The band is often required to arrive at the venue early and does not leave until late. Obviously they have to eat and drink during this time and it is better if they have food and drink provided at the venue rather than have to go off site.

Changing Area

It is the responsibility of the client to liase with the venue to provide a suitable place for the band to change into stage wear.

Making the band get changed in the toilet with guests coming in and out lowers the tone of the event. When booking the venue ask if they have a meeting room available and most venues will oblige, however if the band asks they are less likely to oblige which is why we ask the client to liase with the venue.

Guest Performances

Guest performers are permitted but strictly by prior arrangement only.
No on is permitted to join the band on stage or tamper in any way with our equipment. Anyone doing so without permission will be liable for any damage caused as a result of their actions.

We want your event to be awesome. Whilst we are happy to have guest singers or musicians join us by prior arrangement we don’t want your event to descend into a cheap Karaoke show. Our equipment is extremely expensive and difficult to replace at short notice and as such we do not allow anyone to touch our equipment without prior consent.

Programme Selection

The band will learn one new song for the function upon request. Any and all other songs requested by the client must be selected from the bands up to repertoire. If requested by The Client, The Band will provide an updated repertoire prior to the date of the event.
The final band playlist for the event must be chosen and agreed 30 days prior to the date of the event with no subsequent changes made thereafter

As an extremely busy band we have a lot of new material to learn on a regular basis and so we have a 30 day embargo on new songs to provide us with enough time to learn the songs effectively and do them justice and maintain our high standards. The Band Leader reserves the right to make the final decision on programme selection on the evening.


In no event shall The Band be held liable for any personal injury, property damage or subjective performance related complaints or for any other mishaps occuring at the event that are not directly or indirectly the fault and/or responsibility of The Band

Force Majeure

If the event is cancelled due to an act of god or other circumstances beyond the control of the band no monies will be refundable.


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